Review Policy

Every research article submitted to Fetrian will be peer reviewed. Every submitted manuscript will be reviewed by at least a reviewer. Fetrian reviewing process are blind peer review process, rapid and fair to ensure high quality of article published. This process will take time around 4-6 weeks.

Week 1, the manuscript will be collected by editorial in chief and considered whether the manuscript fulfil the author’s guideline requirement or not.

Week 2, editor assign section editor to carefully review the manuscript based on Fetrian requirements.

Week 3, Internal reviewer return the edited manuscript to editor. Then editor assign external reviewer

Week 4-5, the manuscript review by external reviewer.

Week 6, External reviewer return the manuscript along with review form to editor. Editorial board determine the final decision based on reviewer and editorial in chief’s suggestions.  

Fetrian tries as much as it could to follow these reviewing policies:

  • Every submitted paper will be reviewed by at least one peer-reviewer.
  • Reviewers are unaware of the identity of the authors, and authors are also unaware of the identity of reviewers (blind review method).
  • Reviewing process will consider novelty, objectivity, method, conclusion, and references.
  • Reviewers will suggest the acceptance of article manuscripts.
  • Editors will decide whether the manuscripts are meeting Fetrian's requirement. Editors' decision is final

Here list of items that need to be reviewed:

  1. Novelty of the topic
  2. Scientific reliability
  3. Valuable contribution to the science
  4. Adding new aspects to the existed field of study
  5. Ethical aspects
  6. Structure of the article submitted and its relevance to authors’ guidelines
  7. References provided to substantiate the content
  8. Grammar, punctuation, and spelling, especially if manuscript written in English.

Fetrian appreciates editorial board, reviewers, authors, readers, subscribers, and audiences for its willingness to accept the responsibility, dedication and understanding of Fetrian's review policy to produce high quality article of journals